Official Rules

PURPOSE: To promote the game of tennis and raise money for the Children's Home of Pittsburgh via KAC Charities:

DIVISIONS:  There are three (3) divisions of competition, you may enter a maximum of two (2).
A - NTRP 4.0 and above
B - NTRP under 4.0
SENIOR - minimum age of 50

REGISTRATION: $10 per division.  Make check payable to Kangaroo Alley Cigars and send by April 30, along with your name, email, phone, and division(s) to:
Kangaroo Alley
464 Long Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15241
Once your check is received you will be added to the appropriate ladder. Proceeds benefit the Children's Home of Pittsburgh.

Champion:  $25 Tennis Warehouse Gift Card, Certificate for Free Stringing from Tennis Village, Trophy
Runner-Up:  Tennis Warehouse Backpack, Trophy

MATCHES: Single match play only, best of three (3) sets.  Regular seven (7) point Tie-Break.

TIMELINE: Play runs May 1 to September 1; playoffs to be completed by September 25; championship to be completed by October 1.

SCORING: 20 point Leap-Frog  You may count a single match for multiple divisions.  Example:  Ted and Paul are both registered in division B and the senior division.  Paul wins the match 7-6; 6-4, he can enter this match score in Tennis Engine for both the B and senior divisions.

MATCH PLAY: A player can challenge any other player on the ladder up or down. The day, time, and location of the match must be mutually agreeable. If there is a court fee involved it is to be split evenly between the two players. Both players must bring an unopened can of regular tennis balls. the winner gets the unopened can.

If a player is more than 15 minutes late their opponent may declare a forfeit and score the match 6-0, 6-0. If play is suspended for any reason the match is to resume from the point of suspension. Any other arrangement must be agreed upon by both players.

If a player defaults during a match for any reason games will be added to the non-defaulting player so as to conclude the match in their favor. For example: Player A leads player B 6-3, 3-0 then player A defaults. Player B wins the match 3-6, 6-3, 6-0.

If you split the first two sets and time/daylight is running out you may play a Super Tie Break in lieu of the third set provided both players agree. First player to win 9 points wins the set. Regardless of Super Tie Break score the set is recorded 7-6.

RECORDING THE SCORE: The winner should record the score on within 6 hours of the match.
1. Log into
2. At the bottom, click on the 'Enter Match' icon
3. Complete, check for accuracy, and click 'Enter This Match'

If you make an error please contact the administrator at for you will not be able to correct the error.

SPORTSMANSHIP: All players are expected to adhere to the USTA playing rules and the Code of Tennis.

PLAYOFFS: Minimum of eight (8) matches against eight (8) different opponents is required to qualify for the playoffs.
The top eight (8) players who qualify, as ranked on September 1 at 12:01 am will compete in the playoffs. Record your score as normal on  Super Tie Break does not apply.

Tennis Village
Tennis Warehouse